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Getting Veneers in Turkey with IdealofMeD

8 reasons to travel to Turkey for veneers

  1. Getting veneers in Turkey is up to 50% cheaper than in the UK
  2. You only require 1 visit to get everything is done
  3. Our travel package is all-inclusive
  4. We offer a full guarantee even if that means you have to come back to Turkey
  5. Our dentists are certified by the Turkish Dental Association (TDB) and Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (EDAD)
  6. Our highly trained, qualified and experienced professionals have trained 5 years to get their DDS and have spent 5 years more specializing in orthodontics or prosthodontics
  7. Enjoy a short holiday while you’re in Turkey, we put you in a 5-star hotel to get you in the right mood
  8. Daily flights from all major cities in the world, including budget airlines like SunExpress and Pegasus.

Veneers in Turkey cost

One of the primary reasons to get veneers in Turkey is the price. It’s true that veneers in Turkey cost up to 50% less than in the UK.

Turkey dental prices UK private dental prices
Consultation fee
£50 - £170
Porcelain veneer
£175 - £300 / tooth*
£400 - £1,000 / tooth
Composite veneers
£125 - £225 / tooth*
£275-£475 / tooth
Return flights
From £100
5-star hotel with breakfast

Why are veneers so cheap in turkey?

Veneers in Turkey cost less than in the UK; they’re not cheap but more affordable for sure! While there are lots of reasons for this like:

  • Lower rents
  • Lower overhead
  • Lower taxes

As the best dentist in Turkey for veneers you get the best quality work for a fair price.

Travel & Stay while you get veneers

One big difference about getting veneers in Turkey is that it requires a bit of planning and a 4-hour flight. Depending on the exact treatment you usually spend 2-4 days with us at our hospital in Istanbul or Izmir.

Weather, time difference and currency

Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous city and the perfect place to get veneers in Turkey. With an average of 23°C year-round, hospitable people and a rich history, you can visit anytime. Turkey is 2 hours ahead during summer and 3 hours in winter. As a UK citizen, you can visit Turkey without a visa for visits of up to 90 days in any 180-day period. The local currency is Turkish Lira, with 1 GBP worth about 10-11 TRY.

Traveling to Turkey

Fly with Turkish Airlines or Pegasus non-stop to Istanbul. Both offer daily flights:

  • From London, non-stop flights to 5 cities · 3h 45m+
  • From Manchester, non-stop flights to 4 cities · 4h 0m+
  • From Birmingham, non-stop flights to 4 cities · 4h 0m+
  • From Newcastle upon Tyne, non-stop flights to 3 cities · 4h 30m+
  • From Leeds, non-stop flights to 3 cities · 4h 20m+

All-inclusive Veneers Package

Booking an all-inclusive package to get veneers in Turkey with IdealofMeD means you are all taken care of. From airport transfer to 5-star hotel and all necessary after-care products.

Testimonials 2021

Sebastian from Stockholm runs a wealth management company and has visited IdealofMed twice already.  After getting his  teeth done in March 2021,  he had a hair transplant as well in August.

Hear about Sebastian’s experience about getting veneers iin Turkey.

FAQ About Veneers In Turkey

After seeing the exorbitant prices in different parts of the world, more people are choosing dental treatments in Turkey. We offer high levels of quality and professionalism, without leaving you out of pocket. Book today.

Compared to parts of Europe, our dental services are up to 70% less in price. When you travel to Turkey for a dental vacation, you can enjoy a beautiful break and quality dental care.

We offer a free consultation at our dental clinic. Come in to discuss your look and learn about different options at highly competitive prices.

Best dentist in Turkey for veneers

Unbeatable rates for dental work.

Travelling can be a costly exercise, especially when you need dental treatment. But not anymore. Whether you want dental crowns or quality veneers in Turkey, we offer a variety of services at competitive costs. By giving you quality services and treatments at affordable rates, we can help you achieve that pearly-white smile you have always wanted, without leaving you out of pocket. Get in touch with us today to find out how.

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